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Engineering the livestock microbiome.

Intelligent Health and Nutrition.

We engineer probiotics for livestock health and productivity. By improving livestock feed efficiency, our probiotics can reduce global feed costs by billions of dollars and simultaneously reduce the environmental impact of livestock production.


Our Platform

Panbiotics® - Next-gen animal probiotics

Our patent pending probiotics, Panbiotics®, are engineered to improve animal health and performance. From government organizations to small startups, we help design, test and commercialize new probiotics using our proprietary strains and production techniques.



Where can Panbiotics® make a difference? By manipulating the microbiome, Panbiotics® can address some of livestock's greatest challenges.

Antibiotic-Free Production

Livestock productivity without antibiotics.

Antibiotics are responsible for nearly $50 billion worth of additional livestock productivity, but concerns over antibiotic resistance continue to grow. By supplying the industry with a Panbiotic® alternative, producers can maintain profitability during their transition to antibiotic-free production.

Disease Mitigation

Reduce disease incidence and mitigate losses.

Panbiotics® can be used as safe, living medicines to promote livestock health and reduce animal losses to disease. In conjunction with a major US governmental department, we are researching solutions to reduce $3 billion worth of poultry productivity losses to Coccidiosis.

Reduced Emissions

Control methane and other greenhouse gasses.

You've probably heard that cows release methane, but did you know that it is actually their microbiomes that create the methane? By leveraging Panbiotics®, methane production can be suppressed while simultaneously improving feed efficiency and profitability.


The Pando Team

Experienced and Enthusiastic

Doug Manofsky

Co-founder and CEO

BS Mechanical Engineering and MBA; Ernst & Young; Oak Ridge National Labs; Caterpillar

Craig Rouskey

Co-founder and CSO

MS Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Immunology; Novartis, Immunity Project; BioNascent; Real Vegan Cheese

Thomas Nagy

Adviser - Strategy and Supply Chain

Former Executive at Novozymes and Novo Nordisk Foundation; BioInnovation Institute

Dr. Bill Miller

Adviser - Animal Nutrition

Former Senior Director at Purina; NeoManna Nutrition; Land O'Lakes; University of Minnesota

Dr. Sundeep Vani

Adviser - Commercialization, Bio-based Products

CTO, Biobased Products, Iowa State Univ.; former Technology Director ADM


Breaking the link between livestock and human super-bugs.



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