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The microbiome
is key to cattle productivity and sustainability.

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The Cattle Microbiome

Inside the cattle gut is a collection of microorganisms called the microbiome. The microbiome digests the fiber-rich feed and generates energy for the cattle. A poorly functioning microbiome generates methane gas, leading to bloat and poor feed conversion ratio.

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Our Approach

Using cutting-edge CRISPR technology, Pando engineers the microbiome to unlock hidden cattle performance. Our solutions are cost effective, scalable and environmentally friendly.

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Increase cattle productivity and reduce methane emissions.

Reduce Costs

Reduce feed costs by 30%.

Cut Emissions

Cut methane emissions by 50%.

No Antibiotics

Reduce antibiotic use by 100%

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The Pando Co-founders


Doug Manofsky

Co-founder and CEO

Former engineer and business consultant turned entrepreneur who is dedicated to fighting disease, hunger and pollution using the power of the microbiome.


Craig Rouskey

Co-founder and CSO

Experienced microbiologist and immunologist and co-founder of multiple bay area projects and startups including BioNascent and Real Vegan Cheese.

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Pando Advisors

Thomas Nagy

Thomas Nagy

Business Strategy

Former Executive at Novozymes and Novo Nordisk Foundation; BioInnovation Institute

Bill Miller

Dr. Bill Miller

Animal Nutrition

Former Senior Director at Purina; NeoManna Nutrition; Land O'Lakes; University of Minnesota


Dr. Bruce Shanks

Animal Research

Experienced farmer, animal researcher and meat scientist from Lincoln University.

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Breaking the link between livestock and human super-bugs.

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