The microbiome
is key to cattle productivity and sustainability.


The Cattle Microbiome

Inside the cattle gut is a collection of microorganisms called the microbiome. The microbiome digests the fiber-rich feed and generates energy for the cattle. A poorly functioning microbiome generates methane gas, leading to bloat and poor feed conversion ratio.


Our Approach

Using cutting-edge CRISPR technology, Pando engineers the microbiome to unlock hidden cattle performance. Our solutions are cost effective, scalable and environmentally friendly.



Increase cattle productivity and reduce methane emissions.

Reduce Costs

Reduce feed costs by 30%.

Cut Emissions

Cut methane emissions by 50%.

No Antibiotics

Reduce antibiotic use by 100%


The Pando Co-founders


Doug Manofsky

Co-founder and CEO

Former engineer and business consultant turned entrepreneur who is dedicated to fighting disease, hunger and pollution using the power of the microbiome.


Craig Rouskey

Co-founder and CSO

Experienced microbiologist and immunologist and co-founder of multiple bay area projects and startups including BioNascent and Real Vegan Cheese.


Pando Advisors

Thomas Nagy

Thomas Nagy

Business Strategy

Former Executive at Novozymes and Novo Nordisk Foundation; BioInnovation Institute

Bill Miller

Dr. Bill Miller

Animal Nutrition

Former Senior Director at Purina; NeoManna Nutrition; Land O'Lakes; University of Minnesota


Dr. Bruce Shanks

Animal Research

Experienced farmer, animal researcher and meat scientist from Lincoln University.


Breaking the link between livestock and human super-bugs.


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