Engineering the livestock microbiome.

Sustainable performance.

We engineer the livestock microbiome to improve animal digestion and feed efficiency, thereby reducing waste and increasing profitability.


Our Platform

The animal "omics" platform

We leverage the latest in genomics, proteomics, and metabalomics to decipher and optimize animal digestion. Our patent pending Panbiotics® platform unlocks hidden potential.



Our Panbiotic® Platform can address some of the greatest challenges in animal husbandry.

Reduced Emissions

Control methane and other greenhouse gasses.

The cow microbiome emits millions of tonnes of methane annually. Using our Panbiotic® Platform, we identify and control methane emissions for improved feed efficiency and profitability. Oh yeah and save the planet.

Antibiotic-Free Production

Livestock productivity
without antibiotics.

Livestock consume the majority of antibiotics as a means to promote animal growth. Our Panbiotic® Platform offers a different way to promote livestock growth without the use of dangerous human drugs.

Disease Mitigation

Reduce disease incidence
and mitigate losses.

The microbiome is the first line of defense against microbial pathogens. In conjunction with a major US governmental department, we are developing a solution to the major poultry pathogen Coccidiosis.


The Pando Co-founders

Doug Manofsky

Co-founder and CEO

Former engineer and business consultant turned entrepreneur who is dedicated to fighting disease, hunger and pollution using the power of biotechnology.

Craig Rouskey

Co-founder and CSO

Experienced microbiologist and immunologist and co-founder of multiple bay area projects and startups including BioNascent and Real Vegan Cheese.


Pando Advisers

Thomas Nagy

Adviser - Strategy and Supply Chain

Former Executive at Novozymes and Novo Nordisk Foundation; BioInnovation Institute

Dr. Bill Miller

Adviser - Animal Nutrition

Former Senior Director at Purina; NeoManna Nutrition; Land O'Lakes; University of Minnesota

Dr. Sundeep Vani

Adviser - Commercialization, Bio-based Products

CTO, Biobased Products, Iowa State Univ.; former Technology Director ADM

Scott Woodside

Market Expert

Dairy and beef veteran with expertise from Cargill and Danone.


Breaking the link between livestock and human super-bugs.



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(866) 697-2636

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