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Nutreco announces its Feed&Food Tech Challenge Finalists

April 9, 2020

Today, Nutreco proudly announces the finalists for the Nutreco Feed&Food Tech Challenge (NFTC). Over 110 start-ups from across the globe applied by submitting their breakthrough innovations to address critical challenges in the feed and food value chain.


Pando Nutrition: Eliminating antibiotics from our food

Jan 28, 2020

Antibiotics, hormones, and additives in livestock feed help animals grow, but are not great when they end up on our dinner plates. The US FDA banned the use of antibiotics in 2017, but antibiotics are still widely used in the industry because there are very few alternatives available. Pando Nutrition is challenging the paradigm by genetically engineering probiotics to promote the health of animals through a healthy microbiome. In doing so, they can keep the benefits of antibiotics and eliminate the downsides.


Engineered probiotic designed to provide antibiotic alternative

Jun. 21, 2019

Pando Nutrition is looking to provide an antibiotic alternative to poultry producers by genetically engineering a probiotic-secreted enzyme, says CEO.


Pando Nutrition designs novel antibiotic alternative

Jun. 11, 2019

Patent-pending recombinant probiotic yeast strains initially targeted toward poultry.

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