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  • Douglas Manofsky

Animal Study #1 - Huge Success!

In November, Pando Nutrition conducted its first poultry study to validate its core technology: Panzyme™. Panzyme™ a genetically engineered yeast probiotics designed to replace antibiotics growth promoters in livestock production. By offering the market an economic alternative to antibiotic growth promoters, we intend to reduce the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria to people via our food and allow farmers to make the valuable claim "no antibiotics" on their products. Our first study was a huge success. We proved that our genetically engineered yeast probiotic significantly outperformed non-engineered yeast and a premium growth promoting enzyme (see figure).

By increasing livestock productivity by 10%, farmers can afford to switch away from antibiotics in their production. We are so excited by these results!

In our second animal study, we will tweaking the parameters from this study to improve these results even further! Please stay tuned for more information!


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